How To Make Millions In The Stock Market “Live” Seminar

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My Maids Did It; Now, It’s Your Own…

85% Of People Lose Money

In The Stock Market

(Be Part Of The 15% Who Earn Money.)

Join Bo Sanchez’

How To Make Millions In The Stock Market

“Live” Seminar on February 7, 2015


Question: Is the Stock Market like an Alien Monster to you?
And do you think that the Stock Market is for Billionaires only and not for regular human beings like yourself?
You’re not alone. A lot of people think that way.
Three years ago, I shocked the world by writing my book, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market And Why You Should Too. (That book became #3 in the Top Ten Bestselling Books List of National Bookstore.) All of a sudden, people realized that anyone could be rich through Stocks.
If you want to retire with millions through the Stock Market, this is the answer to your prayers. In this powerful Seminar, my team and I will teach how to invest in the Stock Market the right way.
Hard Fact: 85% of people lose money in Stocks. But if you follow the specific investing method that I will teach you, you’ll be able to create your millions for your future.


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For more details on Stock Market Seminar: CLICK HERE

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Truly Rich Club ‘s Quarterly Gold Mastermind

TRC Gold Mastermind PNG

Learn How To Multiply Your Income At The Quarterly Gold Mastermind 

September 28, 2014, 2pm to 5pm,

in Banquet Hall 3 PICC

         You need this!

         This quarterly event is for TrulyRichClub Members ONLY.

         Purpose: To teach you how to create multiple income streams.

         It’s going to be a blast!  Every 3 months, you’ll enjoy the friendship of otherTrulyRichClub members.  And together, you’ll get an exposure on the various ways on how to grow your income. (Note: For those who can’t attend this live event, it will be recorded and the video will be available online for free.)

         In each Gold Mastermind Session, our very own Platinum members (and other mentors) will take the stage and share ideas on how you can create multiple income streams.

         Each Gold Mastermind Session will be different.  You’ll explore various incomes streams, such as…

  • Brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Online Stores
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Network MLM
  • Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Many, many more income streams

         Of course, we shall also discuss about Stock Market investing.

         I repeat: This is for all TrulyRichClub members ONLY.

         Learning investment for the Gold Mastermind should be P2000 per session, but since you’re a TrulyRichClub member, you pay P297 ONLY as one-time fee—as a token that you’re really serious in coming.  Reason for this registration fee: We’ve had not-so-happy experiences when we made our learning events free, where we had a lot of sign-ups, but few show-up; If we don’t charge, we won’t be able to differentiate the committed and the non-committed. But by charging a small token, you’re telling us that you’re really serious in joining this fantastic event.

For more details on TRC Gold Mastermind: CLICK HERE

For more details on How to be a member of TRC: CLICK HERE





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Truly Rich Club ‘s Quickstart Seminar

Truly Rich Club Quickstart

Truly Rich Club Quickstart

Lost At How To Begin Your
Investment In The Stock Market? 

Hey, You’re In Luck*…

September 7, 2014 (Sunday), 2pm to 5pm, in Banquet Hall PICC

*Actually, we like saying Blessed at the Truly Rich Club.


Feel lost?  Don’t know what to do?  Confused?

You’re normal.

Believe me, I know how someone can feel scared about the Stock Market.   I felt the same way when I started.  Because the Stock Market can be veeeeery intimidating.

I actually know of people who didn’t start investing in the Stock Market for an entire year—fidgeting, dillydallying—because they were so afraid of making a mistake when they opened their COLFinancial website.

Well, have no fear.  The solution is here.

Because as a member of the Truly Rich Club, you can now join the Truly Rich Club’s QUICK START IMPLEMENTATION SEMINAR. (Note: For those who can’t attend this live event, it will be recorded and the video will be available online for free.)

Join our very own Truly Rich Club’s Concierge Director Joey Tayaban and our excellent team of Trainors.  On that day, you’ll receive the following…

  • For those who don’t have an online Stock Market account, we’ll help you open a COLFinancial account.
  • For those who haven’t bought their first Stocks, you’ll learn how to buy and sell through a COLFinancial website.  We’ll teach you how to maneuver your way through that website.
  • You’ll learn how to enjoy ALL the benefits of the Truly Rich Club
  • You’ll learn the power of investing—including strategies on how to be consistent so you can create your future millions.
  • You can meet other new members of the Truly Rich Club.
  • You can ask all the questions you want on starting your investment program

Join the QUICK START IMPLEMENTATION SEMINAR and begin your investment journey NOW!


For more details on TRC Quickstart Seminar: CLICK HERE

For more details on How to be a member of TRC: CLICK HERE



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Do You Feel Your Income Is
Trapped In A Quicksand?
Here’s How To Get Your Wings
& Gain Your Wealth…


Join The TrulyRichClub’s Money-Making Strategies



Truly Rich Club

Truly Rich Club

Join Anthony Pangilinan, International Speaker who has trained leaders in over 50 countries,

Eric Puno, Co-Founder of Yellow Cab and Owner of Army Navy,

Rex Mendoza, President and CEO of Philam,

Bo Sanchez, Founder of the TrulyRichClub, and many other Fantastic Mentors!


Superconference 2014

Superconference 2014

This cuts my heart.

Everywhere I go, I see nice people working in nice jobs, driving nice cars, and living in nice houses… but all they do is just make ENOUGH to pay for their not-so-nice monthly bills.

They work extremely hard. But at the end of each month, nothing much is left. Nothing much for their dreams. Nothing much to give to others.

They work extremely hard. But at the end of each month, nothing much is left. Nothing much for their dreams. Nothing much to give to others.

This is the story of the middle class.

In my recent trip to Los Angeles, I talked to a Filipino friend who migrated there 12 years ago. After working in two jobs, many times sleeping 4 hours a day, he now “owns” a  Continue reading…


For more details on SUPERCONFERENCE 2014: CLICK HERE

For more details on How to be a member of TRC: CLICK HERE


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8 habbits

8 Power Habits That Will Dramatically Change Your Financial Life Forever


On May 24, 8am to 12noon, at Mandaluyong City!

Do you feel stuck in your financial life?

Like nothing is happening with your income?

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll never become rich?

Hey, I can relate.

For 20+ years, I was a poor missionary.

Don’t get me wrong. I was very happy. I didn’t care about money.

Of course, it helped that I was single!

But when I got married at the age of 32, I knew things had to change. Drastically. Or I’ll be in trouble.

So I wondered if it were possible for me to become wealthy—not only for the sake of my new family—but for the sake of all those I wanted to help through my ministry.

At that point, I really felt God guiding me.

He helped me by leading to me a special group of people…

And my life—and finances—were never the same again.



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Monthly Learning with “Evening with the Dean” for Truly Rich Club Members Only

Dean Pax and Edward Lee

“Looking forward to host our PLATINUM members of TRC for their ‘Evening w/ the Dean’ at AIM this coming Wednesday May 7. Please make sure that you register first as seats are limited. Learn more how to become truly rich and actively manage/grow your finances thru business & investments.” ~ Dean Pax Lapid

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Grand Easter 2014













See you at the MOA Arena
Grand Easter Feast, Apr 20, 8AM-1PM

What To Expect?

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Do you want to know how to increase your Affiliates?


Learn from the Best Pinoy Internet Marketing Guru



He is so good that he is not allowed to join the

Truly Rich Club Affiliate Contest to give chance to others.

Enough said…:)



Bo Sanchez together with Jomar Hilario

To know more about him



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My Maid Invests In the Stock Market Ebook

truly rich club my aidDOWNLOAD this ebook for FREE

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Yesterday, My Mother Pilar Got A Pair Of Wings

She left us quietly, peacefully, and lovingly.
When I arrived from Europe yesterday morning, I whispered to her ear, “Mom, I’m here.  This is Bo, your son.  I love you.”
I knew she heard me because a tear escaped her eye.
I’ll always be grateful that she waited for me for an entire month before saying goodbye…

She was the first woman who loved me.
She loved me when I was conceived in her womb.
She loved me when I was a baby nursing on her breast.
She loved me when I went to school for the first time.
She loved me when I gave my first talk at 13.
She loved me when I wrote my first book.
She loved me when I got married.
She loved me when I gave her grandkids.
And yes, she loved me on her deathbed.

At 3:55pm, she slipped into blissful eternity.

I imagined her hugging my father, Gene, whom she called “Amor” for 62 years.  Dad must have been his dashing, handsome, wonderful self–how he looked like when they got married–not the old, sickly man who died 5 years ago.  And Mom?  She would be beautiful and passionate, young and strong, her jet-black hair, large eyes, and a warm smile.

I imagined her embracing Jesus whom she served all her life.

Thank you for your love and prayers.
Yesterday, God gave you and me a new gift.
You have a new intercessor in Heaven praying for you.
She is the mother of all our ministries.
She will implore blessings for you because you’re part of a spiritual community that was born in her heart.

May your dreams come true,




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