Grand Easter 2014













See you at the MOA Arena
Grand Easter Feast, Apr 20, 8AM-1PM

What To Expect?

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Do you want to know how to increase your Affiliates?


Learn from the Best Pinoy Internet Marketing Guru



He is so good that he is not allowed to join the

Truly Rich Club Affiliate Contest to give chance to others.

Enough said…:)



Bo Sanchez together with Jomar Hilario

To know more about him



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8 Power Habits That Will Dramatically Change Your Financial Life Forever


On October 5, 8am to 12noon, at Quezon City!

Do you feel stuck in your financial life?

Like nothing is happening with your income?

Do you sometimes feel like you’ll never become rich?

Hey, I can relate.

For 20+ years, I was a poor missionary.

Don’t get me wrong. I was very happy. I didn’t care about money.

Of course, it helped that I was single!

But when I got married at the age of 32, I knew things had to change. Drastically. Or I’ll be in trouble.

So I wondered if it were possible for me to become wealthy—not only for the sake of my new family—but for the sake of all those I wanted to help through my ministry.

At that point, I really felt God guiding me.

He helped me by leading to me a special group of people…

And my life—and finances—were never the same again.

I Met Phenomenal Human Beings

I got to meet authentically wealthy people.

Why authentic?

They were not just rich in money. They were rich in love. They were phenomenal human beings. They were generous. They were kind. They loved their employees like they were family. And these multi-millionaires tithed to God faithfully.

I was floored. I told myself, “What made these people wealthy? And HOW did they become this way?”

I got excited because I learned that once upon a time, they were poor like me too. But they got out of poverty and became multimillionaires.

So I watched them. I listened to them. I talked to them. I asked them to be my mentors.

Do you know the biggest difference between them and poor people who remain poor?

Do you know why these individuals became wealthy?

They had a different set of habits!

Your Habits Define Your Destiny

I learned their habits.

And I’ve incorporated these powerful habits into my life.

The results have been nothing but amazing: From a poor missionary, I’m now a millionaire missionary.

I now run many businesses, but using only 30% of my time. Because all of them run on autopilot. I still devote 70% of my time to my ministry.

And yes, I’m still a very happy person—still serving God and giving my life to others.

And honestly, even if I am a millionaire, I don’t look like a millionaire. And I like it that way. I still live in a small, simple house. I don’t wear designer watches. Heck, I don’t even wear a watch. I just look up at the sun and guess. (Just kidding.)

Why the simple lifestyle? I’ve gotten used to it. And because my priorities are on more important things. I invest much of my earnings into God’s work. Because this was the reason why I became rich—To be a blessing to others.

Friend, do you want to be a happy millionaire too?

It’s possible; But you’ve got to do one thing…

You Can Choose To Be Wealthy Too

Hear me out: I believe wealth is a choice.

It’s a decision that you have to make.

If you choose to be a Happy Millionaire, then the answer lies in acquiring a set of specific habits. To be exact, 8 of them.

I’ve “road tested” these 8 habits in my life.

They work.

I’d like to share these powerful Habits to you…

You don’t have to be poor.

You don’t have to panic every time there are bills to be paid.

You don’t have to be buried under a mountain of debt.

You don’t have to worry where to get money for emergencies.

You don’t have to struggle with money anymore.

You can have financial freedom.

You can be wealthy.

But you can be wealthy and happy at the same time.

Learn The 8 Habits Of The Happy Millionaire

I’d like to personally invite you to join me in my powerful seminar, 8 Habits Of The Happy Millionaire. When you acquire these habits, you’ll find that wealth creation becomes automatic. Spontaneous. Systematic. Effortless. And Fun!

Join me on October 5, from 8am to 12noon, at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this life-changing seminar:

You’ll learn how to clearly define the financial wealth you want—choosing between three distinct options. Without being very clear about this, you’ll have a hard time moving towards your dream.
You’ll discover your hunger—your emotional why. Without this defined inner fuel, your financial engine will always run on empty. And you’ll always get stuck in the middle of the road of life, like many people out there who started their journeys but don’t finish.
You’ll create your own personal “automatic” Wealth Beliefs, the anchors that will support your wealth journey—and at the same breath, eradicate Unconscious False Beliefs that have hampered your growth towards abundance.
You’ll learn the 7 Laws of Aggressiveness that will make you a success. You’ll also learn the cultural blocks that rob you of your passion—and how you can overcome them.
You’ll work on the two kinds of Money Machines in your life.
You’ll learn the 4 Steps to Control your Cash—one of the most important skills of becoming wealthy.
You’ll find the 4 simple Keys To “Play Your Way To Wealth”!
Join me. Change your financial life forever.

Invest In Your Personal Growth

I urge you to invest in YOURSELF.

When I gave my financial seminars to companies, I charged them P8000+ per person. But I don’t want to do that for this seminar, because I want to help more people.

To join my 8 Habits Of The Happy Millionaire Seminar, your learning investment is P1475 ONLY. But here’s good news: If you sign up before September 15, you get it at the early bird price of P975 ONLY.

(NOTE: VIP Tickets are available. VIP participants enjoy VIP seats at the front section, PLUS the official TrulyRichClub shirt PLUS an autographed book, 8 Habits Of The Happy Millionaire. VIP Tickets are at P1975 ONLY.)

Complete 100% Happiness Guarantee

In any of our Seminars, we always offer this 100% iron-clad guarantee. For whatever reason you didn’t like our Seminar, just tell us, and we’ll return 100% of your seminar fee, no ifs, no buts, questions asked. We don’t want you to risk anything. The risk is all on us. Why do we offer this? We’re convinced that you’ll be totally blessed with our Seminar.

Warning: Many times in the past, our seminars get over-booked. I suggest that if you’re serious in learning how to become wealthy, sign up right away.

Email Meann at now! (If you wish VIP seats, please indicate this choice.)

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. By September 15, Prices Go Up. To sign up, email Meann at now! (If you want VIP Tickets, please indicate this choice.)

PS2. Choose To Be Wealthy Today. I’m going to teach you the secrets of the wealthy. To sign up, email Meann at now! (If you want VIP Tickets, please indicate this choice.)

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How To Make Millions In The Stock Market “Live” Seminar

Truly Rich Club

article source:

My Maids Did It; Now, It’s Your Own…

85% Of People Lose Money

In The Stock Market

(Be Part Of The 15% Who Earn Money.)

Join Bo Sanchez’

How To Make Millions In The Stock Market

“Live” Seminar on August 3, 2013

in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City


Question: Is the Stock Market like an Alien Monster to you?
And do you think that the Stock Market is for Billionaires only and not for regular human beings like yourself?
You’re not alone. A lot of people think that way.
Three years ago, I shocked the world by writing my book, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market And Why You Should Too. (That book became #3 in the Top Ten Bestselling Books List of National Bookstore.) All of a sudden, people realized that anyone could be rich through Stocks.
If you want to retire with millions through the Stock Market, this is the answer to your prayers. In this powerful Seminar, my team and I will teach how to invest in the Stock Market the right way.
Hard Fact: 85% of people lose money in Stocks. But if you follow the specific investing method that I will teach you, you’ll be able to create your millions for your future.


Continue Reading –>


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My Maid Invests In the Stock Market Ebook

truly rich club my aidDOWNLOAD this ebook for FREE

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Yesterday, My Mother Pilar Got A Pair Of Wings

She left us quietly, peacefully, and lovingly.
When I arrived from Europe yesterday morning, I whispered to her ear, “Mom, I’m here.  This is Bo, your son.  I love you.”
I knew she heard me because a tear escaped her eye.
I’ll always be grateful that she waited for me for an entire month before saying goodbye…

She was the first woman who loved me.
She loved me when I was conceived in her womb.
She loved me when I was a baby nursing on her breast.
She loved me when I went to school for the first time.
She loved me when I gave my first talk at 13.
She loved me when I wrote my first book.
She loved me when I got married.
She loved me when I gave her grandkids.
And yes, she loved me on her deathbed.

At 3:55pm, she slipped into blissful eternity.

I imagined her hugging my father, Gene, whom she called “Amor” for 62 years.  Dad must have been his dashing, handsome, wonderful self–how he looked like when they got married–not the old, sickly man who died 5 years ago.  And Mom?  She would be beautiful and passionate, young and strong, her jet-black hair, large eyes, and a warm smile.

I imagined her embracing Jesus whom she served all her life.

Thank you for your love and prayers.
Yesterday, God gave you and me a new gift.
You have a new intercessor in Heaven praying for you.
She is the mother of all our ministries.
She will implore blessings for you because you’re part of a spiritual community that was born in her heart.

May your dreams come true,




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Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Have you ever thought of writing a book?

I meet a lot of people who tell me, “I want to be like you, Bo.  I want to be an author too.”  But many people aren’t really serious.  Because they don’t do anything about it.  I’ve written 29 books and I can teach you how to author a book…

If you’re REALLY serious in becoming an author, and creating an income stream from your book…

I’m inviting you to join my Bestselling Authors Intensive Bootcamp on May 15 to 18.   For 4-days, we’ll hole up in a secluded hotel in Tagaytay and make your dream of writing your own book come true.  Not only that, I’ll also guide you to identify and create a money machine connected with your book, so you can build a continuous income stream for your life.

Yes Bo, Tell Me More About The

Bestselling Authors Intensive Bootcamp

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UNBOUNDED: The Feast Grand Easter Celebration teaser

Break Free and Receive Blessings!

UNBOUNDED. Grand Easter Feast.
March 31, 2013 (Sunday), 8am – 12nn
SMX Convention Center
FREE Admission



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Bo Sanchez tells the story on how he was abused during his childhood & how God changed him

"Bo Sanchez"

Bo Sanchez interview with Mel Tiangco in Powerhouse



Watch the Full Episode

uploaded by Aaron De Guzman

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It Pays to be a member of Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez

Bo Sanchez Praying Hard

Thanks Brother Bo warning us way ahead of time regarding to the status of JFC via your STOCK ALERT last July 16, 2012. As of writing, it is now down big time  from 106.10 last July 16, 2012 to 96.10 August 17, 2012 lunchtime. That is 10.40% !!!

TrulyRichClub members knows that this will happen. You’ve saved us alot of time, worries & sleepless nights.

There is another STOCK ALERT of a particular stock, of course I can not expose it here.

Many people are asking “Why did that stock starting to melt?”

Ask any member of TrulyRichClub they all know the answer.

But if you want you can just join us be IN THE KNOW


Click here to know more—>TrulyRichClub



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